Pop Culture

A gallery of T-Shirts that connect
Star Wars Movies & TV Shows
with popular cultural references.

Apple Jacks Cereal – Pastiche (Rey, Force Awakens)
Jabba The Poutine – Canadian Celebration
Heineken Larger Beer – Pastiche (Skywalker)
Cider Label – Pastiche, Darth Vader
M&M’s Darth Vader
Atari – Logo Pastiche
Atari – Logo Pastiche (Rebel)
Atari Asteroids Game – Pastiche (Falcon & TIE), Occasion
Kenner Toy Figure (Palitoy UK) – Chewbacca
Toy LEGO Minifigures – Trilogy
Toy LEGO Minifigures – Saga, Animation
LEGO Stormtrooper Mini Figs with Deathstar – Vintage Shirt
Toy LEGO Minifigure – Boba Fett
LEGO Minifigure – Boba Fett & Slave 1
Angry Birds Toy Promotion (C3PO & R2-D2)
Angry Birds Toy Promotion (Vader)
Angry Birds Toy Promotion (Vader, TIE, Solo, Luke, Obi-Wan)
Angry Birds Toy Promotion (Death Star & TIE)
Minecraft Vader
Minecraft Style – Vader, C3PO, Trooper, Chewbacca & Boba Fett
Star Wars Bitmap Image
Vader Tales Comic – Shakespeare Hamlet Pastiche
The Beatles, Abbey Road – Cover Pastiche (K2SO, C3PO, R2-D2, BB8)
Sith Bad Guys – Bohemian Rhapsody Record Cover Pastiche
Technics T-Shirt – DJ Yoda, Music, Night Club Occasion
DJ Yoda – Blue Shirt (M)
DJ Yoda, Hip Hop & Scratching, Music, Night Club, Occasion
Vader & Ghetto Blaster
Swollen Members Star Wars Pastiche
Headbanger – Chewbacca
Guitar Solo – Joke Tee
Jaws – Movie Poster Pastiche (Jawas), Occasion
Jaws 2 – Movie Poster Pastiche (Jawas), Occasion
Game of Thrones – Pastiche (Solo)
Sesame Street – Star Wars A New Hope, Poster Pastiche
Darth Vader – Batman Logo Pastiche
Keep Calm & Carry On – Pastiche
MLB Major League Baseball Logo – Pastiche (Luke Training, Lightsaber & Remote)
Nike – Logo Pastiche (Sith, Lightsaber)
Wookiee League – Baseball Pastiche Logo
Luke Skywalker – Baseball Card – Design Pastiche
2016 Disneyland Star Wars 5K – Jedi
Mexican Darth Vader, Yo Soy Tu Padre – Cinco De Mayo, Occasion
Vader, Asian Text
Portuguese, May The Força Be With You, Occasion
Portuguese Vader, Eu Sou Teu Pai – Rooster Parody, Occasion
NASA Logo – Pastiche, REBEL, Death Star
I Love SW (Falcon & Rebel Logo) – I Love NY Pastiche
Shark Side – Dark Side Pastiche
Vancouver Aquarium – Pastiche, A New Hope Movie Poster
High School Yearbook – Pastiche
High School Yearbook – Pastiche
Word Of Wisdom – Chewbacca
Villains, Periodic Table – Pastiche
Yoda Wisdom – Tear Off Poster, Flyer Style
YOLO in Yoda speak
Yoda Man – Yo da man Parody – You’re the best!
Expressions of a Wookiee – Chewbacca
Expression Of Vader – Darth Vader
Alderaan, Weather Forecast – Pastiche
Postcard – Vader & Trooper
Beach Vacation Selfie – Instagram Darth Vader Parody
Darth Vader – Vintage Propaganda Poster Parody
Empire – Join
Tatooine Summer Camp – Summer Camp Pastiche, Occasion
California, Surfer, Longboard (Skateboard) – Chewbacca, Occasion
Last Supper Pastiche, Easter, Church, Religious Occasion
Tuxedo Shirt – Vader’s TIE, Death Star Trench, Lightsaber & Empire Logo, Occasion
Christmas (Xmas), Holidays, Snowflake Pattern (Vader, TIE, Luke,X-Wing) Occasion
Christmas (Xmas), Holidays, Snowflake Pattern (TIE, Troopers) Occasion
Christmas Carol Singers (Luke, Leia, Han & Chewie)
Christmas (Xmas), Holidays, Socks Again (Chewbacca) Occasion
Christmas (Xmas), Holidays, LED Santa Hat (R2-D2, C3PO) Occasion
Christmas (Xmas), Holidays, Santa Hat (Yoda) Occasion
Christmas (Xmas), Holidays, LED Candy Cane (Yoda) Occasion
Christmas (Xmas), Holidays, Humbug (Vader) Occasion
Christmas (Xmas), Holidays, Santa Sleigh, Reindeer (Death Star, Vader, Walkers) Occasion
BB-8 Christmas
Empire Building Communities
Death Star, I had friends on… Trooper
R2-D2 and BB8 Mashup
Darth Vader Parody
I Woke Up Like This – Vader Parody
Vader – Social Media
Embroidered Pocket, Darth Vader Helmet
Vader – Free Throat Hugs
Darth Vader – Chocking Hazard
Vader – Lack of Faith is Disturbing
Han Duo not Solo
Chewbacca – Half Head Shirt
Star Wars Ecko Unlimited, Occasion
Mew-Bacca Cat – Chewbacca Pastiche
Darth Vader – What Would Jesus Parody
Darth Vader
Darth Vader